Practice Areas & Courts

Commercial & Civil Litigation:

The litigation team at TCL is well equipped with efficient strategies in handling all kinds of civil and commercial litigation. Through our Litigation practice, we provide end-to-end solutions and deliver time efficient services.

Our team of experienced litigators who have represented clients at various forums, render assistance to our clients at each stage of litigation –

  • Pre-litigation: case strategy and mediation including pre-litigation mediation;
  • During litigation: complete case management including filing, appearing and drafting;
  • Post-litigation: help clients tie any close ends of the case and provide all incidental support.

TCL extensively works with various national and international companies for their cases in Delhi-NCR, Punjab & Haryana and Bombay including cases relating to litigation arising out of arbitration, commercial suits in Delhi High Court and other courts, cases relating to white collar crimes at various courts, disputes relating to securities law before High Court, Securities Appellate Tribunal and Supreme Court of India and cases relating to companies under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code before NCLT Delhi & Chandigarh, NCLAT and Supreme Court.

TCL also has extensive experience in providing a full range of civil litigation services. We provide skilled professional counsel and experience in all aspects of civil and administrative litigation from pre-trial matters through to trial and appeal proceedings. We have handled numerous writ petitions including Public Interest Litigation before High Courts and Supreme Court of India. 

The Litigation team at TCL regularly appears in various courts including the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court and the Bombay High Court. The team has extensive experience in handling Writ Petitions before Supreme Court and High Courts, Commercial and Civil Suits at all levels of Courts and other forums, and Appeals before Supreme Court of India and High Courts and also various Appellate Authorities & Tribunals.  Additionally, we provide solicitor services to our clients in connection with the engagement and briefing from several prominent Senior Advocates.

Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution:

The huge pendency of cases in the Indian courts has paved way for the Alternate Disputes Resolution. Realizing the importance of ADR, TCL,offers a completely integrated and cost-effective service that are well equipped to mitigate the risk of litigation.

Through our Arbitration practice, we engage in mediation and arbitration on behalf of our clients, both in India and abroad. We negotiate settlement agreements when appropriate and represent our clients in defence of these claims before Courts, administrative agencies, and in arbitration proceedings within India.

The team is involved in every aspect of international and domestic arbitration such as:

  • Drafting the arbitration clause
  • Aiding in the selection of arbitral seat
  • Process and advising on the appointment of arbitrators
  • Drafting of all pleadings
  • Advising and representing clients from the commencement of arbitration until the final hearing of the matter
  • Seeking interim measures of protection from courts and arbitral tribunals
  • Assisting in enforcing arbitral awards and taking recourse against awards

TCL also provides services to its clients in various mediations either court appointed or pre-litigation mediation and also represents clients in conciliation proceedings.

Corporate Law:

The Indian Economy is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in the world since 2000. The rise in commercial activities and transactions, being the primary reason for such growth. We at TCL, offer a range of legal services that are specially designed to support the dynamicity of various businesses.

We work on a wide range of commercial agreements that encompasses the multiplicity of trades and business. We provide thorough analysis and counselling relating to business to our clients to mitigate future risks and help them enhance the value of their businesses.

We also work in upcoming and niche technology and fin-tech sectors including legal advisory on Cryptocurrency in India. 

Consumer Disputes:

Awareness of consumer rights is growing in the Country. This trend is evident from the rise in cases being filed before the Consumer Courts. Consumer legal practise has evolved significantly, with service providers being held more accountable for their obligations.

TCL has created a sizable Consumer Litigation Practice, supported by highly experienced lawyers with expertise in this field. We advise and represent companies, individual consumers, developers, corporate houses with all aspects of consumer law.

Our team regularly appears before the District Forums, State Commissions, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Real Estate:

The Real Estate in India is continuously evolving, with the regulatory structure being constantly strengthened ensuring the developers to be more responsible and responsive to stakeholders’ requirements. As a result, structuring real estate transactions has become increasingly complex and sophisticated over time, necessitating a thorough understanding of applicable regulations. Identifying such needs, TCL has a dedicated team of lawyers with extensive experience in cases and litigation before RERA and Appellate Authority and also in conducting due diligence, drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various types of real estate documentation.

Courts/Tribunals/International Forums

Supreme Court of India 

High Court – Delhi, Chandigarh & Bombay

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 

NCLT – Delhi & Chandigarh 


National Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and various other consumer fora

RERA – Delhi, Gurgaon, Panchkula 

CERC, Delhi